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Friday May 27, 2016

The cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor has been associated with an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes in women. Lipitor lawsuits are now underway to compensate victims and their families. Our experienced drug injury attorneys can provide a prompt evaluation of your potential case at no cost and with no obligation. Call (888) 868-2234 or use our online form to reach a qualified Lipitor lawyer and protect your legal rights.

Lipitor Lawsuits Allege Failure to Warn

Lipitor (or atorvastatin) is in a class of popular medications known as statins. These medications may be prescribed to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, reduce the incidence of surgery in patients with heart disease, or decrease the amount of cholesterol and other fatty substances in the blood. Lipitor is reported to be the world's all-time best selling prescription medication with cumulative sales in excess of $130 billion.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted a years' long review of medical literature, clinical trial data, and adverse event reports related to statin use. The agency found that statins such as Lipitor may cause Type 2 diabetes mellitus in women with no family or personal history of diabetes.

In February 2012, the FDA updated the warning label for Lipitor to advise patients and physicians of the potential for increased blood sugar levels associated with use of Lipitor. Specifically, the new warning label added the following precaution: "Increases in HbA1c and fasting serum glucose levels have been reported with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, including LIPITOR."

Plaintiffs allege that this label change does not adequately warn patients about the serious risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Lipitor lawsuits also allege that the manufacturer possessed data revealing the risk of diabetes years before the FDA updated the warning label for Lipitor in 2012. Our Lipitor lawyers continue to investigate whether the company hid important safety information from doctors, patients, and government regulators, and whether consumers were subjected to an unnecessary risk of diabetes from Lipitor.

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The Lipitor lawyers at our firm are recognized leaders in defective drug litigation. The firm encourages women who may have grounds for a lawsuit against Lipitor to speak with an attorney in a timely manner in order to safeguard the right to pursue compensation. We can be reached for a consultation at (888) 868-2234 or online at any time.

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